About Jesús Cruz-Bautista


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|J|c| |B|a|u|t|i|s|t|a|
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  Jc Bautista is native Spanish speaker with a Master’s degree in Literature & linguistics currently working on his PhD in Modern languages & Education. It is critical to highlight that he possesses skills and abilities to lead, communicate, mentor, translate, interpret, organize, manage and be proactive in strategies and plans. Your Private Spanish Tutor is a resource oriented personality, with a history of impeccability with regards to consistently combining leadership with sound ethical practices.
Jc’s experience in Romance languages and tutoring in different positions has impacted on him with regards to creating strategic forecast and implementation action plans that would keep mentees ahead of their peers, as well as provide top notch services at all times. As a tutor, Jesús Cruz-Bautista is highly innovative, coming up with strategies to ensure a Win- Win situation in terms of negotiation, besides being very knowledgeable and easily adaptable to new situations. Don’t wait too long! ¡Te está esperando!